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Creating a website is a major project and many site owners take a once-and-done approach to it. Then, they wonder why all their business tapers off after a few months. A website is not a fixed asset that is completed once it is established. To the contrary, the site is never completed. It should constantly be updated but that leads to the question of how. Google Analytics helps site owners discover which content is working and what needs to be improved.

When they use Google Analytics tutorials, online business owners often skip the information regarding site content. Since their site is already established, they figure there is nothing more to learn on the subject. This is a big mistake because content analysis is critical to keeping the site fresh and relevant. Studying total site traffic is important but reviewing which pages are proving effective and which are not is also critical.

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A website should have a goal, which is the target that the site owner wants to achieve. For example, an ecommerce site may establish a sales goal and it may also create a goal for newsletter enrollment. Tracking and measuring goals is the way to see whether the marketing is effective. The site goal should have a destination page such as a thank you included during check out. Though this directs visitors exiting the site, the owner does not have as much control over where the traffic comes into the site.

Identifying where most traffic lands helps site owners direct visitors toward the goal. By viewing the Top Content pages in the Content Overview section of Google Analytics, site owners see the most common entry pages and can look for those with high exit rates. These can be refined to keep visitors involved with the site, whether that means improving the page from a design perspective, updating content, or revising formatting.

Once each page is performing well, the site owner should look at where visitors are heading from each entry page. Statistics for the most popular next pages reveal where content should be refined. In some cases, a smoother navigation path may be required, while in others, the issue is outdated content or broken links. Making pages faster to load by reducing number of images or video content can also make a difference.

Looking at the site from this perspective, it becomes clear why the work is never done. A website can always be improved and analytical tools make it easier to identify where the improvement is needed. Data is objective and the numbers can be very revealing. They illustrate which pages must be improved, which ones are doing better, and which continue to drive traffic to the site goal.

Using statistics to make design and content changes to the site is easier than a trial and error approach. Designers and content experts will be more efficient and can focus on expanding the site rather than always troubleshooting existing pages. Keeping the eye on the goal and making the site a clear path to it should be very rewarding.

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Last week I wrote an article about ad writing and in this I talked using Google Analytics, a free online business tool that I use to keep track of different statistics on my websites.

I have been getting e-mails and calls on this, so I decided why not just go ahead and write about this today. This is a free online business tool that Google offers to analyze the traffic to your website or blog.

To get started using Google Analytics you will need to have a Google account but this is easy enough to do. Once you have this set up just hit the sign up button on You must be the owner of the website or have permission from the owner to get started using this free online business tool.

Once you are signed up just follow the instructions and fill in all of your information as prompted. Then they will give you a code that will provide tracking data for your website. This code should be added at the very end of the page coding

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Once you have placed this code, head on over the Google Analytics site and click on the website you are ready to review, this will bring you to the dashboard.

Google Analytics gives you graphs and charts to keep help you track of all your websites statistics. It will let you know how many people visited your site, where they came from, which pages they were on and how long they stayed on them as well as if they are a new visitor or a repeat one.

Google Analytics will give you everything you need to know about the traffic that comes to your site as well as within it. The marketing summary tool lets you know the top sites that are linking to you and the keywords that your visitors used to find you.

The content summary tool lets you know which pages are the most popular, this will let you know where to place those links, banners or your opt in forms. You can get more detailed information by clicking on the various menu items, just click around and check things out. It is pretty amazing all the information you are going to get.

Now this is my favorite tool and one which I use often, this tool is called the url builder. We all know the importance of tracking all of our advertising campaigns, Right? This free tool is available is available in the Google analytics help center. All you need to do is fill in your URL, your campaign source, campaign medium and campaign name and hit the generate url button. The tagged link will appear, and then all you do is you copy and paste it to your ad.

If you don’t already have the Google Analytics Free Online Business Tool, go ahead and get this today it is the best tool around to that gives you the lowdown on your site. You can get all of this information and more by heading over to their blog analytics.blogspot. This website will give you all of the information that you will need to make the most of this free online business tool.

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Turning and cultivating the soil can be the dirtiest but most important task in gardening. The act of just doing it can be sometimes annoying. Others would say that it can however be satisfying without the need of hurting your back too much. You might say, how can it be possible? Well, the answer is simple – everything depends on the device.

For gardeners who have a small area of garden to work, a good mechanical garden tiller can make the task worthy of the two to three hours of working in your garden. Not only that, with the use of the machine, you can transform your lawn into a beautiful garden bed. Once the plants and flowers continue to grow, use the garden tiller for every other week in order to remove unnecessary weeds and to make the soil more open to rain and irrigation.

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The machine that is able to make one garden beautiful usually falls under three different classes. These are the mini-tillers, front or the mid-tined tillers and the rear-tined garden tillers. You can buy or rent most classes of tiller except for the minis which are sometimes in short supply.

Mini tillers are regarded as the latest and rapid-growing class of cultivators or tillers. Consider them mainly as cultivators which are also able to work light tilling. Like for instance, you can use this tiller to put manure into your vegetable plot. However, if you are planning to work on a bigger garden or lawn, the bigger tiller class would be an ideal choice.

Most of these minis can till for about 8 inches depth and can till a width of about 6 to 12 inches. This would be half a work of a full-sized garden tiller. Since they are smaller in size and have tines on the front, the machine is easier to manage and control. You are also able to get near to fences, plants, walls and simply carry the tiller up when you finally come to the end of each garden row. The only drawback of this tiller class is that they are light-weighted which means they are likely to bounce when the machine hit the hard soil.

When you are planning to work for heavier task, use a rear-wined tiller. This tiller class propels or pushes itself into the garden with the help of small tractor. The best and the biggest rear-wined tiller only require some extra force from the gardener. Most of them have an utmost cultivating depth which is about eight inches and 14 to 34 inches on the width. Since this tiller class has wheels and have motor on the front tines, they cannot cultivate right through the obstacles.

So, make sure that you obtain a rear-wined tiller which has several forward and reverse gears, because this large machine is not easy to push using only the user’s force and power.This is the full size and heavier version of the mini-tiller. They provide a tilling way at about 8 to 12 inches depth and 10 to 36 widths. Compared to rear-wined tiller, it can work right through the obstacles. However, it requires more force and power in order to operate. However, if you have a good soil and a more experienced ground, the operation of it can be easier.

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Are you looking for a garden cultivator, one that is easy to use and store in your garage or garden shed? If you are like me, the old wooden handled garden hoe is not your favorite garden tool. On the other hand, a large garden tiller is just too heavy and takes up way to much space. Let me share a little tip with you, a mini cultivator tiller works great, and takes up very little storage space. As you read this article, I believe you will begin to see how you to can use a mini tiller and cultivate your garden.

Sometimes called a power hoe; these little powerhouses pack many functions into a small package. Tilling, edging, and convertible models can change their configuration to include weed eating or dethatching and sweeping like the Stihl Yard Boss.

Learn More About Mini Tiller

On the other hand, the four-cycle engine option delivers great power, fuel economy without the need for mixing gas, and oil altogether. Although an electric model does not need fuel of any kind, you will need an extension cord to plug your little tiller into the house electric outlet. Then drag the cord around your garden and landscape.

Small compact and easy to handle, mini cultivators are by any other name they are still a small, compact front tine tiller. Which means? Simply the engine or electric motor on the tiller is directly above the tilling tines, making them compact and easier to maneuver, much more so, than a rear tine tiller. The serpentine tines design as those used on the Mantis have a lifetime warranty, and will make digging a hole to plant a small tree or bush much easier.

Tilling with a mini cultivator tiller equipped with serpentine tiller tines do a fantastic job working the soil, or cultivate around flowers, tomato plants and any landscape maintenance task, with the best of them, Oh, excuse me for my opinion, but the Mantis or Stihl Yard Boss are the ‘best’ mini cultivator tillers on the market.
What Makes The Best Compact Tillers and the rest.

Ask any professional landscaper or gardener what they want or should I say demand from their equipment and they will tell you, durability, reliability, and easy to operate is a top their list, of important demands.

Durability; incorporates safety and above all, a user-friendly design that uses high quality components. A set of well designed handles, not to short as to put the tilling tines to close to a taller users feet, putting them in jeopardy. Controls that are easy to use understand and positioned in a way that protects them from damage.

Reliability; Starts with high-quality components, major engine manufactures, like Echo and Stihl manufacture high-end two-cycle gasoline powered engines. Honda, being in a class all their own, with the powerful clean running fuel-efficient four-cycle gasoline powered engine. Found on the Honda FG 110 mini tiller cultivator.

All the major compact tiller manufactures use the same small Honda four-stroke engine on their four-cycle engine models as well and charge a hefty premium price for the option.Here is an important tip, the little Honda engine being a four-cycle engine, has motor oil in the crankcase where it belongs. To insure the motor oil stays where it belongs, the engine “CAN NOT” lay on its side. The motor oil “will” go from the crankcase where it belongs, to the combustion chamber where it does not belong, causing problems.

Can you say hydraulic lock; the motor oil can cause the piston inside the cylinder that make-up the combustion chamber to get locked-up. Now this is not the end of the world, but a bit of a mess to clean-up. The two cycle engines do not share this inconvenience, just remember, without a wheel kit or kickstand to hold a mini cultivator equipped with a Honda four-cycle engine up right you will have a problem.

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More and more people are getting into mountain biking. Very few people, though, properly maintain their bikes. One of the most important aspects of mountain bike maintenance is lubrication. Keeping your bike’s moving parts well-lubricated will help keep your bike in top shape for a long time. Failing to keep your bike properly lubed will lead to a shortened lifespan for your bike and its parts.

The most basic advice to heed when it comes to keeping your bike lubed, is that if there’s a moving part, it needs to be lubricated. There are some parts which are best left to the experts. It’s unlikely that you’ll want to pull the bearings out of your headset or from inside the front crankshaft or hubs, but there are plenty of parts which are easy to access and which appreciate a regular and thorough lubing.

When purchasing lube for your bike, it’s advised to buy a product specifically designed for bikes. They’re perfectly formulated for the specific needs of bicycles. These lubricants typically come in drip or spray dispensers.

Now take a look at your mountain bike’s derailleurs. If you’re having trouble with shifting gears, then there’s a good chance your derailleurs need some lubrication. In case you don’t know, the derailleur is the part that moves the chain from gear to gear. Wherever there’s a movable point on the derailleur, apply lubricant. This includes the little adjustment barrel. Some lube there will keep it from rusting and making it impossible to adjust.

Turn your bike upside down, move the pedals and shift gears. Wherever you see the derailleur moving and exposing sections, add some lubricant. Don’t overdo it, though. Wipe up any excess drips.

Another important place to apply lube is the chain. A well-lubricated chain will last a long time and it will shift from gear to gear easier. Either turn the bike upside down or mount it on a rack if you have one, and slowly crank the pedals. As the chain cycles around, apply lubricant by either spraying it or dripping it on. Wipe off any lubricant which accidentally lands on the frame or anywhere else.

The pedals can also use a regular application of lubricant. Of course you don’t want to put any on the pedal grips unless you have cartoon capers in mind, but you do want to apply some to where they attach to the cranks.

It may surprise you to hear that the brakes require lubrication. You don’t want to get any grease on the brake shoes, though! Keep the lube away from the rims, too. Where you do want to apply lubricant is on the pivot points where the brakes move. Wherever there’s a moving joint or metal on metal, you want to apply lubricant. The brake levers themselves can use some lube, too. Again, you’ll want to apply it on the pivot points on the levers and not the lever itself.

A well-lubricated mountain bike will last longer than one that’s neglected. It’ll ride nicer, too. Remember to regularly lubricate the parts you can easily access and talk to your local bike shop about further mountain bike maintenance.

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Quick Tune-up For Spring Bicycle Riding

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For those of us who put our bikes away for the winter, the time has come to dust them off and get ready to ride. When bringing a bike out of storage, a mini tune-up is necessary. Pay special attention to the following four areas: chain, derailleur components, brakes, and wheels.

What Is Bike Chain Lube

If you have been using an oil-based lubricant, consider switching to a wax-based product. The only advantage to an oil-based lubricant is that it needs to be applied less frequently, but in every other way, wax-based is superior. For instance, oil collects trail dust and other things abrasive to the chain, whereas wax sheds abrasives. A recommended wax-based lube is White Lightning.
If you’ve been using oil-based chain lube, whether you want to switch to wax or not, you should remove the chain and clean it with a solvent to degrease it before adding fresh lubricant. Depending on your typical riding conditions, using a solvent to degrease the chain needs to be done once a year at a minimum.

~~Derailleur Components~~
Lubricate the pivot points using a good petroleum-based lube. I use Tri-Flow. Next, lubricate and adjust the derailleur cables, which might have stretched over the winter. Adjust so that shifting is crisp.

Again, lubricate the cables. Use either petroleum- or wax-based lube depending on how dusty the expected typical riding conditions will be. Adjust the cables, which might also have stretched over the winter.

Check the pads: is there plenty of rubber; do the pads hit the rims evenly? If using fluid-actuated disc brakes, check the brake fluid level in the reservoir.

Spin the wheel slowly checking for true. The wheel should not wobble at all. If it wobbles a little bit and you have the tools and skill, you can make minor adjustments using a spoke wrench. But if there is substantial wobbling, take the wheel to a shop and have a professional true the wheel.

Check tire pressure, which is bound to be low after a winter of storage. Inflate to the manufacturers recommendations that are stamped on the tire.

Now give the bike a once-over. Is the seat adjustment still a good fit? Is there excess play or tightness in the bearings of the wheels, crank, pedals, and headset? Also, for full-suspension bikes, check the suspension joints.

From this once-over, you will be able to determine whether it is time for a major tune-up. This could range from a few adjustments to cleaning and/or replacement of some parts. Opinions differ on how often a major tune-up is needed. It depends on how much you ride, and how much maintenance you perform yourself.

Whether you do the major tune-up yourself or take the bike to a reputable bicycle shop, every now and then the following maintenance is necessary for optimal performance and safety: repacking bearings and adjusting wheel axles, headset, crankset and pedals; replacing cables; truing the wheels; making overall adjustments, such as to the derailleur and brakes.

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Do you use a leather toiletry bag for when traveling? I know I do. I have a lot of reasons for using a bag like that, and I want to share them with you. I also do a lot of traveling around, and it’s important for me to have all my “needs” in one spot.

I can’t be spending too much time looking for my toiletries and everything. I find it extremely frustrating when I can’t find what I’m looking for when I need it. Have you ever been in that situation before? I know it can be annoying looking through your luggage and you can’t find your toothbrush.

What Is Mens Toiletry Bag

When I’m traveling, things can get confusing. I’m the type of person that can get lost even when someone tells me to go straight ahead. This is normal for some people, and I don’t think it’s such a bad thing.

Now, by having my toiletries all separated and spread out between my other heavy bags for luggage I tend to get angry because I can’t find what I’m looking for. It’s amazing how hard looking for a brush for your hair can be when you’re not sure which bag you put it in.

I usually pack medicine just in case I ever am feeling sick or having an issue. I hate going somewhere and having a headache that I can’t fix right away. That’s something that I need to bring along with me, when traveling and everything.

If I forget to have some medicine my trip can be completely ruined or I will have to go through buying some more at a local store. The best thing I can do to prevent that is to put it in my medicine section of the bag. It’s nice to have my medicine in a place I will know where it is.

I feel that bringing a bag along with you when traveling is very convenient. I also feel that the best reason for using a toiletry bag is to have everything in one place. Having all the things you need in one spot creates this feeling of confidence, and you won’t ever have to worry about losing something again.

Now that you have a place where everything belongs, you will find it to be easier to keep track of it all. I truly love using a toiletry bag, and a bag that’s of high quality.Mary helps shoppers with gifts ideas, shopping tips and explains how to benefit from personalized gifts.

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There are now quite a few items available in the luggage markets that are aimed at making traveling a bit more stylish and convenient in the end. Thus, as this is often the case, there should be a sound knowledge of what to know about a travel toiletry bag before obtaining one.

These are very handy parts of luggage that keep very essential and daily items in this at all times during travel. As many of these items are rather difficult to keep from contaminating other items found within the luggage, the bags usually do serve an incredible purpose of providing a safety and sound appeal of transporting all kinds of items. Hence, they should always be used.

What Is Mens Toiletry Bag

When needing to buy one, there is actually an incredible amount to choose from which could become a bit confusing. Most simply purchase one for various reasons and based upon various criteria while still being a bit overwhelmed in the entire selection process. In such, this is definitely something that should not be treated lightly in the slightest.

Perhaps the most crucial element in this decision making process is determining what size to buy. In this process, it is important to find one that is able to accommodate all your toiletry needs while still being small enough to be convenient. Thus, ensure it is able to suit your needs as well as possible with this entire process.

Then, the fact of it have a strap is something that should also be considered. Naturally, many men simply like to have a handle to hang onto when carrying it from place to place while others are oblivious to this fact. Hence, this is simply a judgment call on your behalf.

Believe it or not, color is something that should be factored in as well. Fortunately, most that are available on the market are a darker and more neutral color base which is known to hide more dirt. There are brighter colors that should probably be avoided to ensure they remain as clean as possible at all times.

Finally, travel toiletry bags should be considered in overall quality. While cost is important, one should also keep in mind that these items are designed to last quite a while. Hence, spending a decent amount on them is not a waste of money.

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There are dozens of places on the internet to buy discount hunting supplies; doing a simple Google search will bring the hunter back option upon option. Online stores are able to sell their goods at a greatly discounted rate primarily because they don’t have the overhead to pay for as at your local hunting store.

A hunter needs so much, often costly, equipment, finding anything at a discount can be a great help for the pocketbook. The most important thing a hunter needs to be aware of when buying online at discount hunting supply stores is quality over quantity. While buying the most expensive available isn’t necessary, it will be necessary for a hunter to have good quality equipment to hunt with, otherwise he’ll be miserable, uncomfortable, or have untrue shots that will ruin his chances at a kill.

What Is Discount On Shoe

The best way to determine if a certain brand of equipment is worth the money is by looking at product reviews. Some online shops will have customer reviews right on their website, but most often a hunter should look for product reviews using a search engine. There is no better way to tell if an item is good than by seeing what other hunters have to say about it. Clothing alone can often set a hunter back a lot of money.

While a newcomer might not realize it, utmost comfort in the field can mean the difference between a successful hunt and a miserable one. As in the case with deer hunting, which is often done in the fall of the year, warm clothing will be essential for a successful hunt. A good jacket alone can set a hunter back $150; this is why clothing is often a great item to buy online.

Every hunter knows his size, so it’s relatively safe to purchase online and know what you’re getting. Discounts are a lifesaver for a hunter just starting out who has a lower hunting budget. There was a time when hunting was only for the wealthy, but that since has changed, and buying good quality supplies is now well within the reach of the average hunter.

The only thing to be aware of when shopping online is to be sure that the company you’re going through is reputable. Secure payment transactions are essential, and be sure that the company has a good return policy for damaged items. With these tips in mind, shopping for all of your hunting supplies from home will be both a breeze, and easy on the wallet.

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Having a living that appears small is a very common problem. Some people even consider going as far as spending thousands of dollars to add on to their homes in order to produce additional space. Fortunately, this is not necessary. There are ways to make your living room appear larger without having to spend a lot of money and too much time.

Given below are 10 easy steps that will make your living room appear larger:

1.It’s has been proven that a room painted with a lighter color naturally appears larger. If your living room is currently painted a dark color, then that may be your problem. Try off-whites, sandy whites, and light earth tones to brighten your living area.

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2.Curtains which are dark and heavy may help to keep the heat out during the summer. But when it comes to making a living room appear larger, they do not help at all. Try lighter, sheer curtains that allow a little bit more light into your living room area to increase the size.

3.Place all of your pictures in another room, photo albums, or in the hallways of your home. Too many pictures hanging on the walls can create a look of clutter and cause an illusion of a decrease in size.

4.Use a minimal amount of furniture if at all possible. Just use the basics such as a couch and a few chairs.


5.You may have to remove all window treatments completely depending on how small your living room actually is. Using sheer drapes does one thing, but no window coverings at all can really add space to your living room area.

6.Consider the color of your carpet. Dark carpet tends to cause a room to appear small, while lighter carpet increases the size.

7.Look at the arrangement of your furniture. Is everything in the center of the floor or off to the sides? It is best to make as much floor space as possible when it comes to increasing the overall size of a living room, so you may have to place the majority of your furniture off to the sides.

8.It will probably be necessary to do away with any fancy, decorative, and dark colored rugs as well. Your carpet may be light, but if there are any dark rugs covering it up, the size of your living room will automatically shrink.

9.Find a storage area for your book shelves and end tables. These items are mostly used for decoration purposes only and usually go unused.

10.If you have small children, make sure all of their toys are kept in their bedrooms when they are not in use. A lot of times, parents with small children make the mistake of storing excess toys in the living room, which ultimately takes up space.

It is not difficult at all to create the illusion of a larger living room. If you really think about it, you are actually creating space. We all want to decorate our homes and have the tendency to store unnecessary times in our living rooms. For more space, a lighter, brighter living room free of clutter and too much decoration does just the trick.

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